Senior Home Care by Angels Reviews from Families in Cambridge, Guelph, and Kitchener-Waterloo

Senior Home Care by Angels reviews are an important way for us to receive feedback so we can be assured our caregivers are providing the best possible senior care and take action where needed. We'd like to thank those who so readily share their reviews of Senior Home Care by Angels in Cambridge & Guelph and share some of them with you.


"The service provided by Angels for my Mom was stellar! Such great staff and support for our family during a very challenging time with our mom! Great contact and so flexible with changes and issues that would arise. Our experience was above and beyond! They really do care for the clients. Highly recommend" - Pam W


"Angels has been literally a Godsend for our family. The caring, supportive, knowledgeable and friendly staff have allowed my parents to stay in their home and given our family peace of mind. I would highly recommend Angels excellent services and staff." - Mary A


"All of the care workers provided were wonderful. Dad was really fond of them. Scheduling flexibility was crucial whenever we needed additional support to keep dad in his home as long as possible. I don't know what I would have done without them." - Rob W


"Senior Home Care by Angels has taken care of my family for several years. They are reliable and personable. I have tried several other agencies and found them the best." - Anita L


"I can't say enough about how incredible this service and the people who operate it are! At a complex time in our family life, the Angels swooped in and cared for my mom, and continued to adjust the care according to what my mom needed and when. Everyone that they sent to us was so kind and helpful! We eventually had a "regular" who my mom valued very much, and we will never forget the amazing energy, compassion and commitment to helping that the Angels showed. Thank you so much. We are grateful. If you have a family member who needs help to live where they are, I recommend calling the Angels for help." - Nordic Art Gallery


"My parents used Senior Homecare by Angels for around four years. It started with just a few hours at the start to 24 hours for a period of time. The caregivers at Angels were very attentive and caring and willing to do anything to help. Some of them were truly my parents Angels. The caregivers would stay as long as needed....they didn't watch the clock in a hurry to get away. The administration was extremely helpful also. Anytime I phoned or emailed to make changes to the scheduling, Lynette went out of her way to accommodate immediately." - Sharon C


"I highly recommend Senior Home Care by Angels. They provided caring and compassionate home care for my father who was in his 90's for nearly four years and their care allowed him to live in his own home until his passing in late November. The level of communication and support that I received as his son was truly appreciated and made my task of being a support for my Dad a better experience." - Barry M


"The “Angels” have been helping care for my Dad since he lived at home and one still does now that he is in a long term memory care home. When he lived at home he was visited by a few different caregivers and I was impressed by every one. I like the way they have with him. He often gets agitated that he doesn’t live at home but his “Angel” is able to calm him. He looks forward to her visit and speaks of her as a friend. She also went to visit him when he was in hospital. I really can’t overstate how much I appreciate their help." - Jan P


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Marcia Renner and the Renner family for many years. It takes a very special person who is kind and compassionate to do this line of work, and that is Marcia! She understands from first-hand experience the stress and difficulties encountered with elderly parents and wanting the very best for them. Look no further for someone who cares deeply about her clients, she will do her very best for you." - Kathryn F


"We were very happy with the Angels' compassionate and professional home care; they helped our family through a very difficult time and we are most grateful." - Susan A

We are so grateful for those who have contributed to our reviews.  We pride ourselves on our service and care about our clients!


Each Senior Home Care by Angels agency is a franchise that is independently owned and operated. The Franchisor, Visiting Homecare International Inc., does not control or manage the day to day business operations of any Senior Home Care by Angels franchised agency.
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