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Use of Our Valuable Senior Homecare by Angels Marks

You will use our valuable trademarked Senior Homecare by Angels name, and our trademarked slogan “Senior Homecare By Angels”,  which has helped us to generate a great deal of publicity (published articles) for our franchisees and which has attracted a great interest in the homecare services of our franchisees within their markets.

Nearly 2000 pages of Training Manuals … and growing!

Operations & Training Manual

Our 350-page Operations and Training Manual reflects the decades of experience of our directors in providing private duty home  care services to older adults. The manual is comprehensive in addressing all topics necessary to own and operate a custodial homecare agency.

Policies & Procedures Manuals for Caregiver and Office Staff Employees

Our Policy and Procedures Manual is provided to you both in hardcopy and on computer disc so that you can make adjustments which will be necessary to conform to local markets.  The manual contains employment policies for office and caregiver staff which include behavior, service policies, dress codes and many more.  We also make available additional policy and procedure revision files to assist you in complying with requirements of states which may require licensing for our business.

Marketing & Advertising Training Manual

Our Marketing & Advertising Training Manual is the most specialized manual ever produced on promotional topics in non-medical homecare.  The manual chronicles the experiences of our directors, franchisees and other homecare marketing experts in presenting a proven comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy for new and established homecare agencies.

Continuing Guidance Manual

Our always-expanding Continuing Guidance Manual    provides much of the continuing guidance material we have provided in writing to our franchisees since we started our franchise program.  You will read hundreds of pages of our weekly essays on numerous homecare topics.  You will also be able to look up each of the questions we have answered in writing for our franchisees since our franchise program began – you won’t have missed a thing!  All of the questions and answers have been indexed and cataloged into 22 different topics.  It’s simple to look up the answers to any question in just seconds!  The manual is updated as we provide ongoing consultation services to our franchisees!  When the Continuing Guidance Manual is provided to you and you begin reading it during the training week, you’ll gain a great sense of security that you’ve come to the right place, a company and a group of  people who can help you solve any issue that arises, Senior Homecare by Angels.

Questions & Answers

We also provide the extensive “Q & A” section of our Continuing Guidance Manual on CD ROM for you to download to your computer. Our computerized Q & A library is catalogued into 22 topics (each with its own table of contents).  The computerized Q & A Library is continually updated, easy to use and contains thousands of pages of our continuing guidance to franchisees (it’s always growing!).  Together with our Training Manual and Marketing & Advertising Manual, you’ll receive more than 2000 pages of homecare training manuals at our initial  training class!

Complete Preferred Vendor List

We will provide a list of vendors in Adobe Acrobat Reader®, complete with bookmarks, which you may utilize at your option for purchases  of the following products/services:  Printer for Senior Homecare by Angels materials, Criminal Background Screenings (several vendors), Client Scheduling & Operations Software Programs, Specialized scheduling software, Caregiver Training Manuals & Videos, Liability Insurance,  Bonding Services, Payroll Services Companies, Employment Testing Services, Specialty Items Vendors – Magnetic signs, uniforms, badges, shirts, customized gift items . . . And more!

CD ROM Containing

Forms, Sample Letters, Contracts, Advertisements, Questionnaires Press Releases and more! This CD ROM has display ads in both BW and Color that are camera ready for most publications. All of our Senior Homecare by Angels logos, business card sample files, letterhead, fax sheets, invoices, letters to referral sources & clients, press release kit, PowerPoint® presentations, hundreds of marketing materials in Adobe PDF® format containing editable fields for you to add your agency information. All employment forms, hiring forms, communication logs, daily client journals …. Everything you need to operate an efficient agency is at your disposal on this special CR ROM.

Logos, Artwork, Graphic Designs & More!

Senior Homecare by Angels Logos, Homecare Services Brochure Layouts, Design and Text. You’ll choose from among our brochure designs the ones that you’ll have printed for use in your business.

Each Senior Homecare by Angels agency is a franchise that is independently owned and operated. The Franchisor, Visiting Homecare International Inc., does not control or manage the day to day business operations of any Senior Homecare by Angels franchised agency.