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We've outspent much of our competition in advertising and discovered what works!  We'll teach you a disciplined system of establishing strong contacts in your market with the people who can refer clients to you on an ongoing basis. Our Marketing & Advertising Training Manual provides comprehensive training on how to market and advertise homecare services and provides numerous examples of successful strategies that have been tested in our franchise program. In addition, we provide hundreds of design templates of our proprietary marketing materials for you to download and use at no extra cost to promote your business. It would require hundreds of thousands of dollars for you to try to re-create our great volume of promotional materials on your own!

Annual Conference, Guest Seminars, “Business Builder” Meetings

Our annual conference is a wonderful way for you to meet other franchisees in person and to receive information from our guest seminar speakers on marketing, client services, new industry trends and other topics in homecare.  Each year we feature the best the industry can offer in educational workshops and seminars to help keep our franchisees up to date with the latest information available.

In addition, we offer regional Business Builder meetings that are educational day-long seminars designed to take your business to the next level. These meetings are conducted by our experienced Directors covering all aspects of the business.

Exclusive 24/7 extra-net

We provide all of our franchisees with 24/7 access to everything they need to operate, manage, market and advertise their home care agency from teh comfort of their agency. Each day, franchisees utilize our extranet website for customizable marketing material. The extranet provides franchisees with a great volume of service forms, marketing brochures, graphics, promotional and operations files to utilize for their businesses. The extranet includes hundreds of Senior Homecare by Angels proprietary marketing and advertising pieces used by our franchises. Need a PowerPoint presentation tailored for a referral source to explain the benefits of using our Senior Homecare by Angels Private Duty homecare services? No problem, we've got them. Franchisees can download MP-3 recordings and video files from our webinars or browse our library of workshop compilations. Our Extranet, mirroring our experience, will build your business.

Weekly Updates

Each week, we build upon the industry knowledge of our franchisees by encouraging questions and posting expert responses for all of our franchisees to review. All Questions and Answers (Q&A) that we have received over the years have been indexed and catalogued for your reference. This computerized Q&A library contains more than 7,500 pages of Q&A; all searchable in seconds. Continually updated, our Q&A library provides the latest information all at your fingertips.
In addition to our Q&A library, we also post our industry related "Weekly Message" to every agency's customized website. Franchised agencies routinely receive updated content from corporate headquarters and can depend on an experienced voice for home care advice and suggestions.

We define "proactive" with everyday action.

Each Senior Homecare by Angels agency is a franchise that is independently owned and operated. The Franchisor, Visiting Homecare International Inc., does not control or manage the day to day business operations of any Senior Homecare by Angels franchised agency.