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Our Experience, Low Royalty and Protected Territories speak for themselves


Senior Homecare by Angels® directors have provided services to senior citizens dating back to the 1980's.  Our Directors comprise a fantastic team with great depth of experience.  Senior Homecare by Angels has directors who have owned and operated their own non-medical homecare agencies for periods of up to 25 years each.  We believe that the deep experience of our directors is critical to the success of our franchisees. The value of a franchise is only as good as the expertise it affords. You won't find a more experienced group anywhere.

Innovative Protected Territory System

(Most Freedom Without Sacrificing Protection!)

Senior Homecare by Angels offers the freedom to advertise and accept all clients throughout your metro area without purchasing additional franchises … no other franchise comes close. Yet the territory is protected: most sources of referrals in the medical , and non-medical, community in your territory are protected from solicitations by other Senior Homecare by Angels offices.  Other franchise companies may require you to purchase multiple franchises in order to fully take advantage of the market potential of your area ... with Senior Homecare by Angels, one franchise is all you need!

3.5 % Royalty

(Reduces to 2.0% and lower at greater volume)!

We know there's no contest here, and so does our competition. We want to provide the best in services to you without becoming a financial burden. Royalties are paid monthly, not weekly. Also, our royalty is capped at a maximum monthly amount so that above a certain level, your royalty payment can never increase during the term of your franchise (term: 10 years: increases for renewal terms are capped at 3.5%).


We send extensive new information to our franchisees by e-mail every week! We also provide ongoing “face- to-face” guidance with expert guest seminars at our annual conferences and regional meetings conducted at various locations throughout the year.  Our Continuing Guidance Manual and Q & A Library provides you with All Questions & Answers asked by our franchisees and answered by us since the beginning of our program (it’s cataloged for easy reference).  As a new franchisee, you won't have missed a thing!

Successful Franchisees

Talk to ours; they will happily speak for themselves.

Each Senior Homecare by Angels agency is a franchise that is independently owned and operated. The Franchisor, Visiting Homecare International Inc., does not control or manage the day to day business operations of any Senior Homecare by Angels franchised agency.