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Extensive Training
Experienced Directors
Continuing Guidance


Some companies offering non-medical home care franchises don’t have nearly the depth of experience in our industry that we do.  We have directors who have owned and operated their own non-medical home care agencies for numerous years each and are available to provide ongoing consultation to our franchises.

A Service System Based on "Relationship Building"

Building relationships with clients, caregivers and sources of referrals is the key to everything we do.  You are going to be thankful that you learned our time-honored system after you attend Senior Homecare by Angels training.  You’ll learn much more than just how to get clients; you’re going to learn how to keep them significantly longer than industry standards.

A Protected Territory That Won’t Tie You Down

We've studied the "protected territories" other franchise programs offer: they seem to be designed for maximum frustration.  Our protected territories provide freedom for you to advertise and accept all clients throughout your metro area without having to purchase additional franchises (and without sacrificing territory protection).  Senior Homecare by Angels is the only franchise that offers this freedom which we know to be critical, since referrals can come from a wide area. When another franchise is sold which borders your territory, other programs require you to turn over clients in outlying areas or to cease advertising in media that might penetrate areas outside the borders of your territory.   Nothing is more frustrating than to have to turn down a client, turn over existing clients to someone else or to have to buy additional franchises to have a sufficient size market.  In our program, you won’t have to.  Most important, our unique territory system preserves the critical protections you’ll want for your franchise territory.

A Royalty That Isn’t Burdensome

Not only do we offer the lowest royalty in our business at just 3.5% of monthly gross revenues; our royalty decreases to 3.0% at greater volume. Why pay more?  For example, a mature franchise that grosses $175,000 per month would pay $8,750 per month in another franchise program that has a 5% royalty.  That same franchise would pay $5,250 per month to  Senior Homecare by Angels (3.0%). In other franchise programs with higher royalties, a very successful agency doing $2-5 million in annual revenues would pay an astronomical royalty which could be several times greater than ours.  In addition, we guarantee that the percentage basis of your royalties will never increase during renewal terms. Other franchises make no such guarantee; they are asking you to purchase a MYSTERY.

Marketing Expertise

Because of our depth of experience in servicing hundreds of clients, you won’t have to experiment with us.  We have already spent our own money testing a wide range of advertising media for you and have eliminated the ones that don’t work.  Our system has demonstrated for our franchises how to get the telephone ringing early in the life of your new business from parties who need our services. With Senior Homecare by Angels, you’ll get experience, not theory.

Initial Training

You will receive six (6) days of comprehensive training which will enable you to open and operate. Franchised Business (see our training schedule in the Franchise Offering Circular).  The training includes specialized workshops and seminars covering all aspects of our business from day-to-day operations to our comprehensive Marketing & Advertising training presentation. We believe our training class to be the best in the business.  However, our ongoing guidance is even better!

Each Senior Homecare by Angels agency is a franchise that is independently owned and operated. The Franchisor, Visiting Homecare International Inc., does not control or manage the day to day business operations of any Senior Homecare by Angels franchised agency.