Noticing the Signs

As our loved one's age, it's common for them to need help around the house. Requests often start out small, but can grow over time. Family members often jump in to help with small tasks, but can be overwhelmed when needs become more complex or frequent. How do you know when your loved one could benefit from home care assistance? At Senior Home Care By Angels, we understand the position you are in. We're here to help.

If you're loved one has been displaying any of the followings signs, it may be time to call our Edmonton office at (780) 487-4256 to inquire about home care assistance services.

Signs That It's Time for Home Care Assistance

Sometimes the signs your loved one could benefit from home care assistance are easy to spot. They need help transitioning home after a hospital stay. Or they have been diagnosed with dementia, Parkinson's or another chronic condition. But when the signs are more subtle, how do you know? Be on the look out for:

  • A Messy Home. When you visit mom and her house is more cluttered than normal, it can be easy to dismiss as a one time thing. But when regular visits reveal an increasingly cluttered, messy or unclean home, it may be time for home care assistance. Caregivers from Senior Home Care By Angels can help your loved one keep up with housekeeping chores like changing linens, doing laundry, washing dishes, and more.
  • Weight Loss. Many seniors find cooking to be a time consuming chore. While cooking for a family can be fun, cooking for one seems like a lot of extra work. If you've noticed your parent's fridge or pantry is empty, or that they have been losing weight, they may need home care assistance. Personal care services from Senior Home Care By Angels can help your loved one by helping to plan, shop for, and prepare healthy meals.
  • Missed Appointments. While we all forget appointments from time to time, when unpaid bills begin to pile up or your parent has missed follow-ups or therapy appointments, it's time to consider home care services.
  • Neglecting Personal Hygiene. One of the most common signs that an elderly parent could benefit from home care assistance is a change in hygiene. Many seniors are embarrassed to admit they need help with bathing, toileting and other personal tasks. Our respectful caregivers can provide the dignified assistance your loved one needs.

If you have a loved one in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove or elsewhere in the Greater Edmonton area who could benefit from home care assistance, please call Senior Home Care By Angels today at (780) 487-4256 or contact us here.


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