Learn More About Elderly Home Care with Brochures from Senior Home Care by Angels in London, ON

home care options coping in case of emergency fall prevention
Senior Home Care By Angels:
Home Care Options for your Loved One
Guideposts for Coping:
How to Cope with Your Aging Parents
In Case of Emergency:
ICE Your Cell Today For Peace of Mind!
Fall Prevention:
How to reduce the Risks of Falling in Older Adults
fire safety long-distance caregiving home safety tips for seniors talking to your loved one about in-home care
Fire Safety For Seniors:
Why Seniors Are at Risk and What to Do About It
Long Distance Caregiving:
How to Care For Your Loved Ones When You're Miles Away
Safety for Seniors at Home:
Making Your Loved One's Home Safe
Talking To Your Loved One:
Discussing Home Care With Your Loved One
older drivers summer safety for seniors disaster prep for seniors flu safety
Talking with Older Drivers:
Is it Time to Put the Brakes On?
Beat The Heat! Summer Help For Seniors:
Ways to Help Seniors Beat the Heat
Disaster Preparation:
Helping Seniors Prepare
for Natural Disasters
Flu Safety:
Prevention, Symptoms and Treatment
winter safety tips

Winter Safety:
Prepare for Colder Days Ahead

Each Senior Home Care by Angels agency is a franchise that is independently owned and operated. The Franchisor, Visiting Homecare International Inc., does not control or manage the day to day business operations of any Senior Home Care by Angels franchised agency.