Social Care for Seniors in London, ON and the Surrounding Area

With Senior Homecare by Angels' Social Care Program, Our Caregivers Help Clients in London, Melrose, Nilestown, and Nearby Cities Engage with Friends and Family in a High-Tech World

At Senior Homecare by Angels London, we believe that all of our clients have the right to enjoy their best possible quality of life every day. One way we deliver on that promise is by providing services that help the whole person feel active and engaged. Our unique Social Care program is designed to help seniors with the skills they need to feel comfortable using technology to connect with loved ones.

Social Care represents an integral part of what we do at Senior Homecare by Angels London. Because our work is grounded in companion care, we always prioritize relationships, socialization, and community connection as needs that all people have. This program helps seniors get comfortable using tech tools to network, connect, explore, grow, and socialize.

Our Program Includes:

  • Help with cell phones. Our caregivers can help set up contacts, download apps, and work with your loved one to use texting, FaceTime, and other communication platforms.
  • Help with email. If your loved one struggles with basic computer skills, learning how to use email can be a great intro to using a computer more fluently! We can help set up and check email while ensuring safe practices in using those spam and trash folders.
  • Help with Facebook. We’ve heard so many great stories from clients about how Facebook has helped them connect to faraway friends and family members. We can help your loved one set up a profile, connect with folks they know, and make the most of social media.
  • Help with internet browsing. For anyone unfamiliar with internet browsing, getting online can be both challenging and dangerous. We’ll help your loved ones search for topics they’re interested in, investigate family and community histories, and more while maintaining good online safety practices and data security.

Learn More Today

If you’re concerned that your aging loved one is being impacted by isolation and loneliness, the Social Care program can be a great solution. Contact Senior Homecare by Angels London today to learn more about the care we can provide. 

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