How to Navigate Dementia Care Options in Milton, ON and the Surrounding Area

Senior Home Care by Angels Explains Dementia Care Options in Milton, Halton Hills, Georgetown, Mississauga, and Nearby Cities

If your elderly loved one has dementia, you have probably witnessed their battle with memory loss and other cognitive limitations. It is heart wrenching when they can’t recognize family members and friends or can’t remember recent events. You may feel helpless or frustrated. Instead of going it alone, consider professional dementia care options. Senior Home Care by Angels Milton recommends strategies to reduce stress and maintain a healthy relationship with your aging loved one.

Specialized Dementia Care Services

We provide dementia care options within your home, in an assisted-living facility, or in a nursing home. We offer trained, experienced caregivers who specialize in providing in home care for seniors with dementia. Our dementia care options include:

  • Managing moments of confusion, anxiety, and anger
  • Wandering prevention
  • Assistance with Sundowner’s Syndrome
  • Monitoring and companionship
  • Accompaniment to appointments
  • Medication reminders

Five Ways to Cope with Dementia

Dementia can cause seniors to say outlandish things or become confused in public. You may be embarrassed when they chat with neighbors, talk to store owners, or even address complete strangers. Dealing with dementia-related behavior in private or public can be difficult. These guidelines from Senior Home Care by Angels Milton can help you manage awkward interactions:

Step into their reality

Seniors with dementia may have trouble separating reality from memory or imagination. If you attempt to pull them into the “real world” by correcting them, you can sometimes cause more confusion, stress, fear, or anger--which only worsens symptoms of dementia. Join your loved one’s reality. For example, if your senior thinks it is Sunday but it is Monday, just let it go.

Use distractions and diversions

Use distractions to help your loved one stay calm and avoid increasing agitation. For example, if an appointment causes distress, tell your senior you are going to the park and will stop for a doctor’s visit on the way home. If they get stuck repeating a word or phrase, change the subject or ask for their help with a simple task. Use strategies to diffuse the situation.

Use brief explanations and gentle corrections

Reduce confusion and other negative emotions by phrasing your corrections as suggestions. For example, say, “Let’s take a walk together,” instead of, “I can’t let you go out alone because you’ll get lost or fall.” Use simple words and visual reminders such as photos to reorient your loved one.

Respond to the feelings behind the words

If harsh comments are made, don’t take them personally. They are not intentional. Reassure your loved one that everything is okay and offer them a hug or hold their hand. It is important to always remain calm.

Take care of yourself

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be demanding. Taking care of yourself is essential. Consider professional dementia care options with Senior Home Care by Angels Milton if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Get Started with Senior Home Care by Angels Milton Today

Senior Home Care by Angels Milton can create a custom dementia care plan for your loved one. We offer flexible options to fit your schedule with hourly, overnight or 24-hour shifts.

To learn more about dementia care options for elderly seniors in Milton and the surrounding area, contact Senior Home Care by Angels Milton.


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