Provide Your Loved One with Compassionate Home Care Solutions in Milton, Ontario

Use Our Compassionate Home Care Solutions to Prevent Hospital Re-Admission of Your Loved One with the “Ready, Set, Go Home” Program by Senior Home Care by Angels of Milton, Ontario

Although the goal of having your senior loved one returned safely home from a hospital stay is not to have them return, this may still happen. They can occur for various reasons, such as losing energy and sleep due to changing schedules and eating patterns while in the hospital, not taking proper doses of medication once discharged from the hospital, or not following through on instructions provided by medical personnel after being discharged, for example.

A home care solution is available to you and your family called “Ready, Set, Go Home”  through Senior Home Care by Angels of Milton, Ontario. The “Ready, Set, Go Home” approach uses three areas to address the needs of your loved one and family after their hospital stay to help reduce the chance they will be readmitted.

The Ready, Set, Go Home Program

The first part begins at the hospital, where our staff will visit your loved one if it is requested. Our staff provides your loved one with a copy of the “Ready, Set, Go Home” plan. The client is asked to find answers to questions regarding symptoms to report, follow-up appointment dates and times, and needs such as for a special diet or home equipment. The guide should be used throughout the discharge process and after, including at future medical appointments.

The next part of this home care solution takes place at home. Staff at Senior Home Care by Angels of Milton, Ontario, are in tune with why family members may miss appointments or other reasons that may because of a re-admission. These issues can be addressed when caregivers share information with their supervisors. Holistic care that our staff is trained in allows caregivers to quickly report any changes in their loved one’s condition that may result in being readmitted to the hospital.

Finally, staff at Senior Home Care by Angels of Milton, Ontario, work on the backend of this home care solution to find and keep track of clients who may be more susceptible to a hospital re-admission. Our caregivers can arrange the delivery of food, medication, and equipment. Our Angels can also set up medication reminders.

Senior Home Care by Angels Provides Compassionate In Home Care

Has your loved one been readmitted to the hospital, and would you like help to prevent it in the future? Contact Senior Home Care by Angels of Milton, Ontario to find out more about the “Ready, Set, Go Home” program.


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