Senior Support Services Includes Social Care in Greater Hamilton, ON

Connection with others is an essential cornerstone of good mental health. Senior Home Care by Angels Hamilton uses a holistic approach that encourages seniors to socialize and connect with friends and family. The coronavirus pandemic has limited our traditional gatherings, so joining in other ways is vital.

Senior Home Care by Angels Provides Senior Support Services to Help Aging Adults with Texting, Video Chatting, and Shopping Online in Hamilton, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, and Nearby Towns

By utilizing modern technology, our social care program helps families stay in touch. Our caregivers can assist with sending texts and emails, using Facebook and Zoom, and playing computer games. Our senior support services keep the elderly mentally active and engaged.

Crossing the Digital Divide Together

Adopting a digital social life may not come easy to older adults who have difficulties grasping new technology. Our patient caregivers will sit beside your loved ones and show them how to use their devices, whether it be a cell phone, tablet, or personal computer. They can assist with connecting to the internet, identifying icons, and recording passwords. Our caregivers will show your loved one which keys to push and where to click.

Technology Provides Numerous Benefits for Seniors

Technology use can provide cognitive and emotional benefits, according to recent studies: 

  • A University of Arizona study reveals that seniors using Facebook show a 25 percent increase in “mental updating” skills, essentially improving their working memory.
  • Seniors who visit social networking sites like Facebook have a positive emotional experience when measuring breathing rates, brain stimulation, and pupil dilation.
  • Surfing the internet can reduce depression in seniors.

We Help Seniors Use their Devices

Our senior support services for social care can include the following:

  • Use a cell phone
  • Send texts and emails
  • Use social media and video chat platforms
  • Use an internet search engine for online research or shopping

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