How the Social Care Program Makes Social Distancing Less Stressful for Seniors

Social distancing guidelines can make staying in touch with loved ones more difficult for seniors. At Senior Home Care by Angels, we’re helping older adults throughout Canada stay connected with the important people in their lives by teaching them how to use digital platforms like social media, texting, videoconferencing software, and more. Learn how our in-home care services can help your loved one

Ensuring your aging loved one’s health and well-being has never been more important. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, seniors are being advised not to leave their houses and limit visits from friends and family. Without being able to leave their homes, see their loved ones, spend time in the fresh air, and visit places they love, seniors are becoming stressed and anxious. On the other hand, staying at home can save their lives. So how can you make sure your senior parent stays happy, hopeful, and optimistic during the outbreak?

There are multiple ways your loved one can benefit from professional in-home care services from Senior Home Care by Angels. In this time of need, Senior Home Care by Angels can ensure your aging family member stays in touch with family and friends despite having to limit their time outside the home.

Through the Social Care program, we’re helping seniors stay in touch during this difficult time. Our caregivers can help your loved one learn how to use social media, smartphones, and other technologies to socialize and feel less lonely.

What is Social Distancing?

Since this virus is mainly spread through close contact with others, avoiding gatherings and staying at least six feet from others is highly recommended. The goal of social distancing is to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, seniors are most likely to get seriously ill from this virus, which is why they shouldn’t leave their homes. However, not being able to see their loved ones can lead to loneliness and isolation. Studies have shown that when seniors feel isolated, they are more likely to develop serious health issues. Companionship is necessary to help your loved one maintain their physical and mental health.

What is the Social Care Program?

At Senior Home Care by Angels, we designed the Social Care program in order to fulfill our clients’ needs for social interaction. As an agency that has provided in-home care services for seniors throughout Canada for many years, we understand seniors need more than assistance with everyday tasks and someone to care for their physical health concerns. We provide a holistic approach to senior care.

Through the Social Care program, our caregivers teach seniors how to:

  • Use a smartphone to text, make calls, and video chat
  • Send e-mails
  • Use Skype and FaceTime to stay in touch with friends and family
  • Create a Facebook profile and interact with others
  • Use a search engine to find information or shop online
  • And more

By providing dependable in-home care services, we make it easier for seniors to stay in touch with the people they care about.

How Can the Social Care Program Help My Loved One?

For seniors who need to remain at home during the outbreak, being able to communicate with loved ones without having to go outside can be highly beneficial. However, some seniors can struggle with learning how to use new technologies. Age-related difficulties or memory loss due to dementia can make it harder for seniors to remember contact information or how to use certain tools.

Through the Social Care program, we take a compassionate and patient approach to helping seniors become successful at using digital communication tools. Through this program and our other in-home care services, we’re helping seniors stay safe and well during this difficult and uncertain time.

If you wish to learn more about our in-home care services and ways we can assist your loved one, please contact your local Senior Home Care by Angels office today.

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