Professional Home Care Solutions for Senior Fall Prevention

Falls are the second leading cause of accidental death. The older adult population accounts for seventy-five percent of falls that result in accidental death. One-third of the older adults who experience a fall that results in a hip fracture and are hospitalized will die within a year. Falls not only affect the quality of life of the individual but also influence the caregiver and family. Health care costs for falls and rehabilitation average billions every year!

Even if the fall does not result in hospitalization, fear of falling becomes a major factor in how seniors live their daily lives. Fear of falling often leads to inactivity and loss of confidence. This, in turn, produces a cycle of fear, loss of self-confidence, and inactivity, thereby decreasing the quality of life and increasing the risk of falls.

From the most overlooked areas of the home to making it easier to navigate through one’s home, Senior Home Care by Angels can identify points of interest and vulnerability in everyday life and provide personalized and proactive home care solutions.

Helping Communities in Canada Understand the Risks of Falls for Seniors and How Our Home Care Solutions Help Them Stay Safe

Our mission is to increase the public awareness and importance of this sometimes overlooked issue. Are you aware that falls can oftentimes be prevented? Senior Home Care by Angels can help show you how with a free in-home assessment. We also conduct free seminars educating all interested individuals who want to make a difference in someone’s life. 

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Fear can lead to loss of self-confidence and inactivity.
  • Fear is not only associated with falling down, but also with getting up once having fallen.
  • Dispel this fear by making their everyday living space easier to manage.
  • Are assistive devices a part of your loved one’s everyday life?

Get all the information you need to help someone you love.

You can download our FREE Fall Prevention brochure by clicking here.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of home care solutions that can help your senior loved one stay safe as they age in place. Best of all, our services can be personalized based on their needs, schedule, preferences, and other factors, so your loved one can maintain their independence while receiving support with avoiding fall-related risks.

Our home care solutions can help with fall prevention by:

  • Clearing cluttered walkways by assisting with light housekeeping tasks
  • Helping clients move around the home and use the stairs with mobility assistance
  • Preventing seniors from slipping on wet bathroom tile when helping them bathe and take care of their personal hygiene
  • Preparing healthy meals to help seniors maintain their strength
  • Reminding clients to take their medication and watching out for side effects that can impact their balance
  • And so much more

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