Compassionate End of Life Care for Seniors and Families

Even though the end of life is a natural part of life, it can still cause a great deal of stress for families. Providing quality care for someone nearing the end of their life requires a compassionate and holistic approach. It’s important to provide support for not only the client, but for their whole family, as well. Although many seniors are choosing to arrange in-home hospice care services, this may not provide the all-around care they need to stay comfortable during their last days.

That’s why end of life care from Senior Home Care by Angels includes comprehensive and compassionate care and support for seniors and their families in Canada. We aim to provide much-needed comfort for our senior clients, as well as respite for family members. Our team will work with your loved one’s hospice provider so your family can have better continuity of care.

The Benefits of In-Home End of Life Care

Traditionally, seniors who are nearing the end of their life - whether due to a long-term illness or natural age-related causes - spend their final days in hospice. However, many seniors are choosing to receive end of life care and support in their own home.

Not only does remaining at home help seniors avoid the stress of relocating to an unfamiliar facility, but it also makes it easier to families to gather and spend quality time with senior loved ones during the end of life process.

However, this type of in-home care usually requires a specialized level of support to ensure your senior loved one remains comfortable. At Senior Home Care by Angels, our caregivers have the compassion and training needed to support your loved one when they need it most.

Why Choose End of Life Care from Senior Home Care by Angels?

We base our approach to in-home care for seniors approaching the end of their life on a guide called Practical Care Tips for End of Life. This is designed to provide essential information on supporting clients and their families during the end of life process to senior caregivers. We stress the importance of taking this approach to end of life care for our caregivers so our clients can receive the respect and dignity they deserve in their final days.

We can help with:

  • Adjusting your loved one’s sitting or bedrest position to ensure their comfort
  • Assisting with personal care services, including dressing, grooming, bathing, and more
  • Providing meaningful companionship when your family cannot be there
  • Monitoring your loved one and watching out for any signs of discomfort

In addition, our caregivers will also make sure your family receives the support they need, giving you peace of mind during this difficult time. From providing emotional support and guidance to your family to helping out with errands to ensure your loved one remains comfortable, we are here for your loved one and your whole family during this difficult time.

The end of life process is never easy for anyone, but with end of life care from Senior Home Care by Angels by your side, you can rest assured that you and your loved one will have a caring and comforting presence every step of the way.

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