Social Care for Seniors

Providing care for all parts of a fulfilling, happy life

At Senior Homecare by Angels, we believe in providing care for the whole person. This means that we’ll help with physical needs as well as emotional and social needs. Social support is incredibly important for seniors, and companionship can help reduce loneliness, depression, and sadness. Our caregivers are present in the home precisely to provide companionship, building relationships with our clients so that they can enjoy higher quality of life.

Our caregivers know that feeling connected to family, friends, and community remains important for each of our clients. Our social care program is designed to help our clients stay close with the important people and activities in their life, even if they have chronic health concerns or reduced mobility. Using technology, our caregivers help families stay connected and stay social with each other.

Recent studies show that surfing the internet can reduce depression in seniors by up to 20 percent.* Staying engaged and connected on social media and online can be another great tool to combat depression and loneliness for seniors. With our social care program, caregivers help seniors navigate any technology tool they have, such as a desktop, laptop, or tablet, and use platforms like Facebook, Skype, FaceTime, etc. to stay active and engaged.

The social care program includes:

  • Cell phone use. Caregivers can help seniors program contacts, download and use apps, experience FaceTime, and other communication tools.
  • Texting, emailing, and video chatting. Using apps like Skype or our client’s preferred email service, caregivers help clients to navigate these programs to stay connected.
  • Facebook. We know that our clients love to connect with family members and friends on Facebook, and our caregivers can help our clients create an account and interact with loved ones.
  • Internet use. Caregivers can help clients perform online research, search out old friends, and more.


At Senior Homecare by Angels, we want to provide better quality of life for all our clients by providing holistic care. Our social care services can help your aging loved one stay connected and engaged with friends, family members, community events, and more. 

Because of this program, I was able to experience two of the greatest joys in life – becoming a grandmother and seeing my son become a new father. Skyping and Facebooking with my son and his family are now a normal part of my life. It helps me feel like I’m still an important part of their lives even though I’m miles and miles away.

— Kathryn

  * Washington, D.C. based Phoenix Center

** Journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking

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