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Lady having trouble with medication management

Get help managing medication and care schedules

As we age, we are likely to experience new or changing physical, mental, and emotional health needs. That’s why it’s so important that seniors have access to medical care. Yet even if seniors get the right care, and the right medicines, it remains up to seniors and their families to make sure that medication and therapies are taken correctly and as scheduled.

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Remembering the Fallen

Remembering the Fallen

November 11 is a national day of mourning and memory, taking place every year since 1921 on the anniversary of the Armistice agreement that ended World War I. It’s a day to join your community in churches, parks, and public ceremonies that honor the fallen. (You can find a local event on your town’s website or the VA’s calendar.) It can also be a hard day for your aging loved one.

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Helping seniors with fall yardwork

How to Help Your Loved One with Yard Work During the Fall

As the weather starts to cool off and the trees drop their leaves, many homeowners suddenly realize how much lawn care is needed during the fall. If you’re a family caregiver for an elderly loved one, or help to provide home care for an aging family member, don’t forget that their home and lawn may also require maintenance.

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Fall Prevention with Senior Homecare by Angels

Safety Tips: How to Reduce the Risk of Falls At Home

When it comes to caring for elder family members, it can be easy to overlook the dangers already present in their everyday lives. It is important to take care at home to make modifications that allow elder family members to move freely and safely through their daily routines.

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