Medication Reminders for Seniors

Senior Homecare by Angels can help your loved one remember to take their medication

If your loved one needs medication to manage chronic conditions and health issues, it’s important for them to remember to take them consistently. For seniors who have memory issues or have to take multiple medications every day, this can be challenging.

At Senior Homecare by Angels, we can help your loved one make it easier to remember to take their medication. Although we are unable to administer medication or organize pill boxes, we can set useful reminders for your loved one and make sure they’re taking their medication when needed.

How Our Medication Reminders Help

Our goal is to help seniors remember to take their medication and make sure they’re taking it at the correct time. Whether your loved one has trouble remembering to take their medication or is resistant to taking it, we can resolve these issues and help your loved one stay healthy.

Some of the ways we can help include:

  • Setting a timer and giving verbal reminders
  • Making sure instructions are followed, like if medication needs to be taken with food
  • Making sure your loved one successfully takes or administers their medication
  • Keeping track of dates and times so we can let you know when medication was taken
  • Monitoring your loved one in case they show any side effects

At Senior Homecare by Angels, our services are fully personalized. We understand every senior is unique and can take different combinations of medications at various times, which is why we can customize our schedule to fit your loved one’s needs. Whether your loved one takes medications in the morning, afternoon, or overnight, you can be sure that one of our caregivers will be there to help them remember.

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