Encouraging Seniors to Stay Physically Active

There are several health advantages to regular physical activity, especially for seniors. However, many seniors struggle to exercise because they lack the energy, time, and desire to do so. So, here at Senior Home Care by Angels, we're committed to helping older adults Canada have active and healthy lives by encouraging them to stay physically active. Here are some ways to help an elderly loved one incorporate exercise and physical activity into their everyday routine.

Exercise for Seniors: Benefits and Challenges

Regular physical activity is crucial for seniors to maintain their muscular mass and strength, which aids with daily tasks and reduces the risk of falls. With better heart health comes a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. Consistent physical activity may also help with the management of long-term health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

The mental and emotional health of the elderly is just as important as their physical health when it comes to exercising. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals that help ease symptoms of depression and anxiety and ultimately enhance your mood. In addition to warding off dementia and cognitive decline, it has the potential to assist the elderly in maintaining their mental competencies.

Canadian seniors may be putting themselves at serious risk by not getting enough exercise. Living a sedentary lifestyle weakens muscles, decreases flexibility and mobility, and raises the risk of fall injuries. It also increases the risk of obesity and other long-term health problems since it may lead to weight gain.

Despite the many benefits of exercise, it may be challenging for seniors to incorporate it into their daily lives. As we become older, we may find it more challenging to conduct certain types of exercise because of issues with mobility and balance. Issues with chronic health, such as arthritis and heart disease, might further impede seniors' efforts to stay physically healthy.

Because of the many physical changes that accompany aging, exercise may become more difficult for seniors. Due to age-related changes in mobility, balance, and cognitive function, it may be challenging for seniors to maintain a regular exercise routine. Incorporating exercise into their daily routine, however, may help them avoid some health problems and greatly improve their physical well-being.

Helping Seniors Incorporate Exercise into Their Daily Routine

No matter how difficult it may be to stick to an exercise regimen, there are plenty of easy ways for Canadian seniors to incorporate fitness into their daily life. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, older adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity aerobic activity per week, as well as focusing on muscle and bone strengthening activities at least twice per week. Exercise sessions should be spread out into sessions of at least 10 minutes long, and seniors should increase their activity level 10 minutes at a time to build endurance.

Some examples of exercises that are easy for seniors to incorporate into their routine include:

  • Walking or jogging
  • Chair exercises, such as leg lifts and arm stretches
  • Resistance band exercises
  • Yoga or tai chi
  • Water aerobics or swimming

Seniors can also get the exercise they need as part of their everyday routine, like taking a walk after meals. It can also help to have an exercise buddy or attend classes that provide opportunities to socialize with other seniors who are also looking to stay physically active.

How Senior Home Care by Angels Helps Older Adults Stay Physically Active

Even though exercise is so essential for seniors, it may be challenging for them to include it into their daily routines. At Senior Home Care by Angels, we understand this. With the help of our caregivers, seniors may overcome these challenges and exercise daily. Our home care aides may visit your loved one many times a week as part of our personalized care plans, allowing them to keep an active lifestyle with the help of our encouragement and support.

A few activities our caregivers can assist your loved one with include going on walks, practicing light exercises, and transportation to and from senior fitness classes. Furthermore, by offering companionship and encouragement, they could persuade your loved one to stick to their exercise routine. Your loved one may preserve energy for more rigorous physical activities by having our caregivers help with daily duties like dressing and bathing.

Here are some ways our caregivers can help your loved one as they work on incorporating exercise into their regular routine:

  • Going on walks or participating in other physical activities with them;
  • Assisting with strength and balance exercises;
  • Transporting them to and from fitness courses;
  • Encouraging them to maintain their physical activity levels and providing companionship;
  • Putting together nutritious snacks and meals to help them keep up their energy levels during exercise regimens.

Regular exercise is essential for the health and happiness of seniors. Senior Home Care by Angels provides in-home care so that seniors in Canada may continue to exercise and enjoy all the health benefits it provides.

Contact your local Senior Home Care by Angels office to learn how our caregivers can help your loved one.

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