How Senior Home Care by Angels Can Help Older Adults Embrace Technology

People of all ages can stay in touch with family and friends thanks to advances in technology. However, older adults are especially avid users of these tools. Smartphones, tablets, apps, social media, and other modern tools and platforms are bringing people of all ages closer together, allowing Canadian seniors to stay in touch with loved ones regardless of distance or other obstacles that may prevent them from meeting in person. However, due to age-related cognitive and physical limitations, it might be particularly challenging for seniors to fully embrace new digital platforms and technologies.

We at Senior Home Care by Angels are here to assist you in ensuring that your senior loved one is able to keep vital connections with family and friends, regardless of how far away they may be, via the use of technology. Our in-home caregivers can teach your senior loved one the safe and effective use of technology like Facebook, video chat, and other internet platforms so they can maintain relationships with the important people in their lives. We have extensive experience assisting Canadian seniors in maintaining relationships with their loved ones via the use of current technologies.

How Senior Home Care by Angels Helps Older Adults in Canada Become Tech-Savvy

A senior loved one's quality of life may be improved by using digital technologies for interaction and engagement. According to research published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research in 2022, there are several ways in which older persons may reap the benefits of learning how to use technology. These include promoting more independence and empowerment, reducing the risk of social isolation and depression, and more.

However, not every senior will have an easy time learning how to utilize current tools and platforms, despite the fact that there are a great number of ways in which adopting modern tools and platforms may be beneficial. Due to physical or visual impairments, your loved one may have difficulty using a smartphone's touchscreen or reading text messages. If they have been diagnosed with dementia or another illness that may have an effect on their memory and cognition, it is possible that they may forget how to set reminders on their smartphone or their social media login credentials.

That's why our Social Care program at Senior Home Care by Angels teaches seniors how to utilize modern technologies. Helping your older loved one become more tech-savvy is something our caregivers can do. It can boost their confidence, help them communicate better, and even let them keep living on their own.

Here are some modern tools that our caregivers can help your loved one learn how to use through the Social Care program:


Smartphones may be utilized in a number of ways that are beneficial to older individuals. The ability to store important phone numbers, send and receive text messages, and use GPS all in one handy device makes smartphones a great choice for your loved one's Internet and communication needs. In an emergency, a smartphone makes it simple to call for help, and GPS allows loved ones or first responders to find your loved one.

If your senior loved one needs help learning how to use their smartphone, our caregivers can help them program their friends and family's contact information, help them understand how to access the Internet, teach them how to send texts, and more.


Tablets eliminate the need for elderly adults to utilize a clunky desktop computer, making them ideal for web surfing, video chatting, email, and more. After downloading a few apps onto their tablet, seniors have the opportunity to effortlessly expand their knowledge and communication possibilities. There are so many apps that provide convenient access to features like video chat, email, music, e-books, news, and information. Some apps can also help seniors keep track of their health information, including medications, doctor's visits, and other reminders. Because of the bigger screen, tablets provide a better experience than smartphones for seniors with impaired eyesight.

If your senior loved one has a tablet, a caregiver from Senior Home Care by Angels can help them find apps that can improve their everyday routine, give them something to enjoy, and are safe to download. We can also help them learn how to effectively browse the web to find the information they need or video chat with friends and family.

Social Media

Social media enables seniors to stay informed about community and religious organizations, as well as local and national groups, businesses, friends, and family. It also allows them to join groups where they may meet others with similar interests. Furthermore, social media platforms may be a great way for your senior loved one to reconnect with old friends, classmates, and colleagues.

Research has shown that older adults who were active on social media had a lower risk of developing chronic diseases, suggesting that social media usage may have a positive effect on physical health as well.

Our caregivers can help your senior loved one set up profiles on social media sites, connect with their friends and family, and find fun and informative pages and groups to engage with.

Smart Speakers with Voice Assistants

Smart speakers with built-in voice assistants might be the ideal replacement for clumsy buttons and touchscreens for elderly people. With the use of this technology, seniors are able to play their favorite music, listen to the weather forecast, and even call 911 in the event of an emergency. Using a smart speaker may also simplify house maintenance tasks for seniors, such as setting reminders, adjusting the temperature and lighting, activating the security system, and more.

Caregivers from Senior Home Care by Angels can help your loved one set up a smart speaker, assist with setting reminders, and anything else they may need to get the most out of such a handy piece of technology.

Other Ways Senior Home Care by Angels Helps Elderly Adults in Canada

However, if your elderly loved one prefers face-to-face communication, our companion care services may be a reassuring presence in their home. Your loved one may rely on our caregivers for companionship, assistance with meal and snack preparation, transportation arrangements, and anything else that may be necessary to help them age in place safely and comfortably.

The best part is that since our care plans are totally individualized based on each client's needs and schedule, you are able to arrange visits from our caregivers without disrupting the daily routine of your loved one. This enables them to get the care they need when they truly need it.

If you'd like to learn more about the Social Care program and other home care services we offer, contact your local Senior Home Care by Angels office today.

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