Seven Common Safety Risks Seniors in Canada Experience at Home and How Our Caregivers Can Help

If your elderly parent or relative lives in their own home, it’s important to make sure their home environment is safe. Learn more about safety risks that are often found in seniors’ homes and how caregivers from Senior Home Care by Angels can help your loved one stay safe

If your loved one wishes to age in place throughout their golden years, it is important to make sure their home environment is safe and free from common hazards. Unfortunately, many families don’t always know what to look for when trying to identify safety risk factors in the home, which is why it can be extremely beneficial to hire in-home caregivers from Senior Home Care by Angels to perform safety assessments.

Senior Home Care by Angels Provides a Guide to Common Safety Risks in the Home

At Senior Home Care by Angels, we believe in offering seniors a better way of life. We have created a guide below for family caregivers to help them identify risk factors around the home.


Long cords often pose a risk to seniors, especially those who have physical or mental disabilities. Any cords can become a tripping hazard and can increase your loved one’s chances of falling. Our caregivers can help identify cords that could pose a tripping hazard and put them away in a safe place.

Underequipped Bathrooms

Safe bathrooms for seniors generally include grab bars, elevated toilet seats, non-slip bath or shower mats, shower seating, and more. If your loved one does not have these in their bathrooms, it is important to get them installed as soon as possible.

In addition to these assistive devices, our home care providers can also assist your loved one with taking a shower, getting dressed, taking care of teeth, and so much more. That way, your loved one can take care of their personal hygiene while staying safe.

Messes and Clutter

Items on the floor or messes around the house can be a big hazard for seniors, especially in areas of the home they frequent. Clutter on countertops can also prevent seniors from getting a firm grasp on the surfaces around them if they feel off balance. Our home care services include assistance with light housekeeping tasks, so we can clear clutter from walkways and surfaces.

Old Appliances

Old appliances can make the lives of seniors more difficult and puts seniors at risk. Stoves and refrigerators that are not up to date can lead to undercooked or spoiled food. Outdated appliances are more likely to be fire hazards and put senior’s safety in jeopardy. An in-home caregiver from Senior Home Care by Angels can keep an eye on your loved one’s home appliances and can make recommendations if the appliances are outdated.


Pets often provide much-needed support for seniors, especially for seniors who live alone. However, they can also become a fall risk factor and even hazardous to a senior’s health if the pets are not cared for properly or vaccinated on time. As seniors age, it can become more difficult for them to take their pets outside, which can cause animals to soil the house. This can create serious health problems for seniors.

In addition to keeping your loved one company, our home care providers can make sure your loved one’s pets are fed, walked, and cared for. We can also remind your loved one when it’s time to take their pet to the veterinarian to get their vaccines.

A Bad Diet

Seniors who do not eat properly and lack adequate nutrition in their diets are at greater risk of developing health problems. Whether your loved one eats too little, eats too much unhealthy food, or is unable to cook meals, a home care aide from Senior Home Care by Angels can help by grocery shopping, preparing meals, and making sure your senior loved one eats regularly.


Carpets and rugs without anti-slip guards are another of many fall risk factors for seniors. This can prevent slippery materials underfoot to stay in place and prevent your loved one from experiencing injury.

Learn More About Senior Home Care by Angels

As some of the most common safety hazards, it is important for family caregivers to keep an eye out for these things in their loved one’s homes. If you are worrying about your loved one’s safety in the home, contact your local Senior Home Care by Angels office today and ask how our compassionate caregivers can help.

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