Staying healthy during the cold months

Winter dehydration and other unseen dangers

During the summer months, we’re often more attuned to our body’s need for water, because we might feel hot or even sweaty more often. During the winter, when it’s cold, grey, or snowing, it’s easy to forget—but our body needs the same amount of water! The winter months can bring a few different health dangers into our lives and the lives of the seniors we love.

Senior home care is a great frontline defense for your aging loved one to help combat winter health problems. From a slip and fall on the ice to a higher chance of contracting a cold or the flu, there are health risks that come with the cold weather. When your aging loved one has a caregiver, they receive a daily wellness visit that can also include meal preparation, medication reminders, mobility assistance, and other services that can increase their comfort, safety, and happiness.

Senior home care can also help those who live alone combat the winter blues. Winter weather and cabin fever can often make us feel stuck inside, lonely, or depressed. At Senior Home Care by Angels, companion care is at the heart of our work: our caregivers are dedicated to developing communicative, positive relationships with our clients. The symptoms of loneliness and isolation can be diminished when your loved one is receiving senior home care.

Winter dehydration is a real risk in the lives of seniors. Especially if your aging loved one has other medical diagnoses or has contracted a cold or other illness, dehydration can occur quickly and worsen many physical symptoms. Dehydration can add a range of additional physical ailments, including headaches, nausea, fatigue, and more.

The best way to rehydrate is to incorporate lots of fluids, all day. This can include drinks with electrolytes (think Gatorade or Pedialyte), and also juices, soups, popsicles, or nutritional drink supplements (like Ensure or Boost). Remember that caffeinated beverages (like tea or coffee) and alcoholic beverages require additional water for your body to digest, so will set you back as you work to rehydrate.

Your senior home care provider can work with you to come up with an individualized plan on how to stay hydrated this winter, including taking precautions around dietary needs, restricting fluids in the evening, or other health concerns you might have. Water can also be incorporated throughout the day, in an effort to maintain better hydration all the time.

To learn more about how senior home care can help keep your aging loved one safe, comfortable, and secure this winter, contact the Senior Home Care by Angels agency nearest you. 

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