How a Home Care Professional Can Help with Incontinence in Greater Berwick, NS

People often have incontinence as they age. Older adults often have incontinence, which may result from mishaps or diseases.

Senior Home Care by Angels' Home Care Professionals Assist with Incontinence Care in the Annapolis Valley

Since many other older adults have the same symptoms and requirements, older people who cope with incontinence are not alone. When elderly adults talk about their recollections with family members or in-home caregivers, they no longer feel guilty or afraid of their situations.

Incontinence issues

For various reasons, older people may no longer be able to control their bladder or intestines. The following are a few of the motives:

Diabetes: Although they are not the main reason, diabetes-related issues might result in incontinence. Hypoglycemia, commonly called occasionally high or low blood sugar, is a chronic illness that may lead to many medical problems. Knowing the early indicators of diabetes is crucial since it may alter the environment and metabolism of your body. A Senior Home Care by Angels home care professional can make healthy meals to assist your senior in keeping their health on track.

Kidney failure: Kidney failure may lead to various health problems, such as incontinence and renal failure. Kidney failure results from a buildup of uric acid in the blood. Kidney failure is a severe ailment that, if ignored, may lead to several physical deformities. Like diabetes, incontinence could be one of your first health concerns.

Bowel and bladder problems: Many seniors are unaware that infections or incontinence may increase due to bowel or bladder problems. A persistent inability to control one's feces or pee may lead to various health problems.

Senior incontinence may be prevented and treated using a variety of methods. Seniors who wish to avoid incontinence should be informed of the many types that might occur. Our caregivers may be able to treat these problems if they take the initiative and make the necessary changes in their lifestyles. It's crucial to remember that many of these therapies need a doctor's approval.

How can we help you?

Seniors may need to limit their outings and activities, but this does not mean they are limited in what they can do; it only means they need to take essential safety precautions.

In the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia, Senior Home Care by Angels delivers considerate incontinence care in the comfort of senior living facilities. After an accident, Senior Home Care by Angels can help with cleaning and caring for your loved ones.

Our coordinators for senior care will handle accident cleaning. If your loved ones have mobility problems, they may be able to help them with activities like dressing, bathing, and using the restroom.

Feel free to get in touch with us.

Senior Home Care by Angels provides solutions for incontinence care in the Annapolis Valley. Never hesitate to contact a Senior Home Care by Angels elder care expert if you need assistance. We respect the members of your family and work with their schedules. We can provide caregivers for as little as a few hours per day or as much as 24 hours per day. You may provide your loved ones with the best incontinence care according to their specific demands.



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