Remembering the Fallen

Celebrating Remembrance Day with your senior loved ones

November 11 is a national day of mourning and memory, taking place every year since 1921 on the anniversary of the Armistice agreement that ended World War I. It’s a day to join your community in churches, parks, and public ceremonies that honor the fallen. (You can find a local event on your town’s website or the VA’s calendar.) It can also be a hard day for your aging loved one.

Those who provide regular care for seniors know that activities around Remembrance Day can be emotionally challenging. Aging loved ones may want to share memories that are hard for them to recall or retell. It’s important not to get distressed if memories seem to be jumbled; heightened emotional states often impact both memory and storytelling abilities. Stay calm and stay present with your aging loved one, and offer your emotional support.

Aging loved ones with cognitive diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s may have trouble discussing their memories, but feel more able to share their histories if prompted by a photo or other artifact. Your family might use Remembrance Day as an occasion to go through family genealogy or look through heirlooms and photos of family members who have served in the military.

It’s important to remember that good care for seniors includes making sure events, such as community ceremonies for Remembrance Day, are accessible to all. Senior Home Care by Angels recommends scoping out a park or other public space in advance to be sure that walkways are even, there are no stairs or narrow exits, handicap parking is available, etc. If your aging loved one uses a wheelchair, cane, walker, or other mobility devices, you may be able to receive special accommodations—again, check with the venue in advance. Being prepared and being early can help you avoid most mobility pitfalls!

If your aging loved one can’t access or attend a community celebration, you can share veterans’ stories with your family members of all ages through the VA, which has curated online content for Veterans Week. The VA also has a series of videos called “Heroes Remember” commemorating major conflicts in the history of our country that you can watch together.

All of us at Senior Home Care by Angels join you in commemorating the fallen and respecting our veterans.

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