The Importance of Good Hand Hygiene for Seniors

It is a known fact that as we age, our immunity system slows down. This is why it is important older adults eat a healthy diet and stay physically active. However, boosting their immune system is not the only way your aging loved one can protect themselves from conditions such as the common cold. In fact, washing their hands regularly can reduce their cold risk.

At Senior Home Care by Angels, our elder care services can ensure older adults maintain their personal hygiene. Our caregivers can assist them with bathing, grooming, as well as handwashing.

Why It’s Important for Seniors to Wash Their Hands

Unfortunately, seniors with chronic conditions can suffer from serious complications from the flu, which can cause health problems such as pneumonia, asthma as well as heart disease. Since germs cause the common cold and they are spread by our hands, it is necessary your loved one keeps their hands clean. Every time they are emptying trash, eating, using the toilet, or playing with their pet, they need to wash their hands to remove germs from the skin and stop them from spreading.

However, not all seniors know how to wash their hands properly. Our in-home caregivers can make sure your loved one washes their hands for at least 20 seconds with clean water and soap and cleans the backs of their hands, between fingers, and under nails.

When visiting your loved one, you should also make sure to keep your hands clean. Wash them whenever you are entering and exiting their home and cover your nose and mouth while sneezing.

Use Hand Sanitizer in a Pinch

When there is no water and soap around, your loved one can use a hand sanitizer with at least 60 per cent alcohol. This is also a good option for seniors with mobility issues.

However, your loved one should not use sanitizer as a substitute for handwashing. If they need help with moving around their home, our elder care services can provide the support they need.

Our Caregivers Are Trained in Good Hand Hygiene

At Senior Home Care by Angels, our caregivers know the importance of good hand hygiene, and you can rest assured they know when and how to wash hands when caring for your loved one. They also understand the significance of cleaning surfaces throughout the home. To reduce the spread of germs, our home care providers can disinfect your parent’s home and wipe down high-traffic spots such as phones and doorknobs.

With our elder care services, your loved one can remain healthy and enjoy a high standard of living.  

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