Why Socializing is Important for Seniors

Here are some of the ways seniors benefit from socialization and how senior home care services from Senior Home Care by Angels can help fulfill your loved one’s needs for companionship and social interaction

When you worry about your elderly loved ones, you may think about their physical safety first. Maybe you wonder if they are able to get around their home safely or if they are eating enough. However, it is also important to remember your loved one’s social well-being. Are they at risk of isolation?

Sadly, senior isolation is common. As seniors age and begin to experience physical and mobility issues, they may find it more and more difficult to leave their homes. Many seniors retreat from their social groups and are unable to participate in the activities they used to enjoy. All of this can be extremely isolating, and seniors who experience this may also begin to feel depressed.

At Senior Home Care by Angels, we offer senior home care services that can prevent seniors from feeling isolated while providing assistance to seniors with their daily activities. So why is isolation so risky for seniors, and what can you do to help your loved one avoid it?

How Senior Home Care by Angels Can Help Prevent Seniors from Feeling Isolated

Much has changed in the way we live our lives due to COVID-19, and with many social distancing restrictions in place, people have come to realize that regular social contact is very important. Because seniors are more at risk with COVID-19, they are even more likely to feel isolated and alone during this time. Many seniors who were not at risk of isolation before COVID-19 may now be at risk of loneliness.

Professional senior home care services from Senior Home Care by Angels could be the answer your loved one has been looking for.

Isolation and Socialization

Studies have shown that isolation is linked to poor or failing health and can put seniors at a greater risk for stroke, dementia, and heart disease. Seniors who experience this kind of loneliness are also prone to depression which can make them more irritable and instill a sense of hopelessness.

On the other hand, seniors who have healthy social lives see improvements in their mood and overall health. It is crucial for seniors to regularly engage in their communities and communicate with friends and family.

How Can Professional Senior Home Care Services Help My Loved One?

If you’re worried about how your loved one is connecting with friends and family while social distancing, our caregivers can provide the support they need.

In addition to helping seniors stay safe during the pandemic, we’re also helping them not feel lonely. Our caregivers can provide meaningful companionship by engaging in conversation, enjoying activities together, and simply providing a caring presence. To protect seniors and others, our caregivers follow health and safety recommendations from medical professionals by wearing face masks, washing hands, taking COVID-19 tests as needed, and more.

We also offer a Social Care program, which helps seniors stay connected to the people they love. Our caregivers can teach your loved one how to use Facebook, FaceTime, smartphones, and other digital tools and platforms to interact with friends and family without having to leave the house. That way, your elderly parent or relative can continue to stay in touch with the people in their lives and avoid feeling isolated.

Learn More About Our Senior Home Care Services

Socialization has always been an important part of the human experience and is essential for mental and physical health. To learn about how our senior home care services can help your loved one, contact your local Senior Home Care by Angels office today.

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