Why Choose In-Home Care?

If you’re looking into options for elderly care, consider the many benefits that in-home care provides

It can be heartbreaking to see an elderly relative struggle to take care of themselves. Age-related mobility and cognitive issues can complicate your loved one’s ability to live on their own. Many simple everyday tasks can become a challenge. For example, stiff joints can make it harder for your loved one to make dinner or fold laundry. They may forget to take their medication or go grocery shopping.

There are numerous options for seniors who need additional support. Many families assume that retirement residences are the best option for senior loved ones. However, many older adults are starting to prefer in-home care. Elderly care at home helps seniors avoid the unpleasantness of having to relocate to a strange, new place, allowing them to age gracefully and safely in place.

If you’ve never heard of in-home care, you may not understand how it works or why seniors prefer this method of care. Here are some of the reasons why in-home senior care can be better for your loved one.

Familiar Surroundings

Your loved one naturally feels most comfortable in their own home. They’ve lived in their home for many years and know where everything is and know where to go for groceries, prescriptions, medical appointments and other important resources. Having to relocate forces them to get used to unfamiliar surroundings. This can make your loved one frustrated or upset, especially if they’ve been diagnosed with a memory-related illness like dementia or Alzheimer’s.

In-home care allows seniors to age in place. By hiring a caregiver to come to your loved one’s home and provide elderly care services; such as bathing assistance and meal prep, you can help your loved one live out their golden years in surroundings they’re used to.

Greater Independence

Despite age-related difficulties, many seniors continue to value their independence. Relocating to a retirement residence can make your loved one feel like they’re losing their privacy and independence.

With in-home elderly care, your loved one can continue to live independently. We work with your loved one’s schedule in order to provide the care they need when they need it most. Your loved one will be able to maintain their personal routines with some assistance from a compassionate caregiving professional. This level of personalization can help your loved one get the support they need without interfering with their autonomy.

Personalized Care with Better Health Outcomes

In a retirement residence, your loved one would receive care from whoever happens to be on duty. With in-home elderly care, your loved one benefits from continuity of care whom they choose based on services needed, personality and scheduling availability. This level of one-on-one attention allows your loved one’s caregiver to truly get to know them and develop a close relationship.

This relationship can help ensure that your loved one ensure that they’re receiving the care they need to stay healthy. In fact, numerous studies have shown that seniors who receive in-home care tend to live longer and have fewer physical, mental and emotional health issues compared to seniors in retirement residences.

Affordable Care

If you relocate your loved one to a retirement residence, you’ll be spending tens of thousand of dollars each year. According to Comfort Life, seniors who live in retirement communities pay about $1,453-$4,500 per month, depending on location. If your loved one doesn’t need around-the-clock care, relocation can be expensive. In-home care is more affordable because it allows you to schedule a caregiver when your loved one truly needs them.

Respite for Family Caregivers

If you’ve acted as a family caregiver for a loved one, you know the trouble of balancing their needs with your own. Feeling exhausted or burnt out are common symptoms for family caregivers, potentially leading to subpar care (even with your best intentions).

With professional in-home elderly care, you get a break so you can focus on your family, career or your own well-being. Meanwhile, your loved one will continue to receive the support they need. You’ll feel more energized and able to provide top-quality care for your loved one.

Professional caregivers often have experience with special circumstances. For example, if your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, you may not be able to provide the care they need as their condition advances. However, a professional caregiver may have prior training in memory care, so they’ll be able to help your loved one manage their symptoms.

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