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Caring for your Senior over the Holidays

‘Tis the season to invite family and friends over for some holiday cheers! Some of your loved ones may be older, and you may need to take special care of them. Taking care of your senior this holiday is much like caring for guests who may have babies, live far-away or diet restrictions, you just plan ahead!

Their Physical Needs

As adult children, we may not know how to care for our parent's needs but considering their physical needs is a great place to start. Be sure you know who to call if an issue arises. Have in mind a place, emergency phone numbers and have a home first aid kit within your home.


Ask your loved one about their medication, how often they need to take it and what the side-effects are. Knowing this information can make you aware of how to help them comfortably take their medication and ensure their safety. Be aware of what medication, if any, can and cannot be consumed with alcohol.

Being Active

Activity is a great way to keep your senior’s mind and body strong. Go for walks around your neighbourhood or park, or go shopping. Make sure you’re always aware of your senior over-exerting themselves and make sure to always ask if they want to keep going or head back. If standing or walking is a difficulty there are so many different ways to make active games and activities seated ones!

Respect Them

Mental health is something that affects almost all seniors. Remember that, although they may have aged, they still have thoughts and opinions of their own. They’ve grown up in a different era, so be kind about what may not be appropriate to say or do to them. If they suffer from any conditions, such as Alzheimer's or dementia, stay ‘in the moment’ with them. Stories and events that are not real or current, maybe to them and don’t need to be dismissed. Go along with it and let them feel that joy they’re sharing.

If you don’t see your senior often, probe them with questions to make sure they’re receiving the care that they need. Physical, mental and emotional health becomes very difficult to maintain as we age and sometimes even the facilities they’re in cannot appropriately address all their individual issues. If you feel they need additional support and care, there is always the option of home care services.

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