Dignified Incontinence Care for Seniors

At Senior Home Care by Angels, we take a dignified approach to incontinence care. Our caregivers will treat your loved one with the respect they deserve and handle any issues discreetly. Our compassionate approach to senior care has made us one of the leading home care agencies in Canada for many years.

How Incontinence Care Benefits Seniors

Incontinence is a common issue for seniors. This issue can be caused by age-related issues, chronic conditions, side effects from medication, and more. It's important for seniors to stay on top of their health and keep themselves clean if they experience an accident as it can negatively impact their physical health if not dealt with properly. For example, staying in soiled clothes can potentially give your loved one a skin infection.

For seniors who live in retirement residences, a staff member can easily remedy any incontinence issues. However, for seniors who wish to age in place at home, it can be difficult to get the support they need. You want what’s best for your loved one, but you may not always be around to make sure they’re being cared for. However, incontinence should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid discomfort or health problems.

If you're looking for a professional home care provider to help your loved one manage incontinence issues, count on Senior Home Care by Angels. We've been helping seniors throughout Canada get the quality care and support they need so they can age in place for as long as they wish.

How Senior Home Care by Angels Helps Seniors Manage Incontinence Issues

When our caregivers provide incontinence care, they focus on reducing instances of embarrassing moments. Not only can our caregivers offer swift clean-up, but they can also assist your loved one’s medical professionals with identifying patterns of incontinence. This is especially helpful if the incontinence is being caused by a medical issue.

If an accident occurs, we can help with laundry in order to wash any soiled clothes or sheets. We can also help your loved one take a bath and get into clean clothes.

In addition, our caregivers can keep a log of your loved one’s bathroom habits and when accidents occur. These notes can be helpful for your loved one’s doctor in case a pattern arises.

We can also help your loved one get to and from the bathroom, remind them to take their medication, and monitor them throughout the day to watch for signs that they need to use the toilet.

At Senior Home Care by Angels, our services are personalized and dignified. That means we'll schedule caregiver visits based on your loved one's schedule and routine and create a care plan that includes the home care services they need to age in place safely and comfortably. Whether your loved one needs a caregiver for only a few hours a day or needs long-term care, they will be in charge of the care they receive.

When you trust us to be your partner in senior care, you can have peace of mind knowing your loved one will receive the care they need while being treated with the respect they deserve.

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