Certified Holistic Care for Seniors in Berwick, NS and the Nearby Areas

As a home care agency that has provided dependable in-home senior care throughout the Annapolis Valley for many years, we understand that a caregiver can’t just focus on one aspect of the client. Genuinely exceptional care means caring for a senior’s every need – not just physical but also emotional, social, and spiritual.

Senior Home Care by Angels Follows a Holistic Care Program to Keep Seniors Throughout Berwick and the Annapolis Valley Safe and Happy 

That’s why at Senior Home Care by Angels in the Annapolis Valley, we offer certified holistic care for seniors. We aim to provide comfort to our clients in every aspect of their lives, whether they’re suffering from chronic illnesses or need someone to provide them with meaningful companionship. Our goal is to better the quality of life for each of our clients in Berwick and the surrounding areas of the Annapolis Valley.

What Is a Holistic Approach to Care?

Although this type of care isn’t necessarily a specific program we offer, we follow an approach of care at Senior Home Care by Angels in the Annapolis Valley. Through the Senior Home Care by Angels Holistic Care Certification Program, we train our caregivers to provide supportive, comforting, and soothing in-home care that helps our clients ease stress and discomfort while assisting them in finding hope in their lives.

Holistic and hospice care are often used interchangeably. While both services focus on providing comfort, hospice care is usually reserved for those nearing the end of their lives. Meanwhile, our respect for seniors can be offered to anyone regardless of life expectancy.

We Support Our Clients in the Following Ways

  • We care for their physical needs by identifying signs of discomfort and taking steps to resolve it.
  • We care for their emotional needs by providing the compassion and sympathy they deserve.
  • We care for their social needs by offering meaningful companionship and conversation.
  • We care for their spiritual needs by treating them with respect and dignity and restoring their hope.

At Senior Home Care by Angels in the Annapolis Valley, we personalize our services for every client. Whether your loved one needs a caregiver to prepare meals or arrange transportation, we can customize their care plan to include the support they truly need to safely and comfortably age in place.

Holistic Care

Holistic care can benefit anyone with a chronic health condition regardless of life expectancy.

woman in wheelchair

This type of care helps maintain the quality of life and relieves suffering for many individuals.

Hospice Care

Hospice care is aimed at patients who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses.

daughter kissing mother's forehead

Hospice care is aimed at providing patients with a dignified, pain-free end of life. In Canada, hospice care for seniors is mainly meant to be administered inside the patient’s home.

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