Summer Safety Tips for Older Adults

Summer is a great time for families to enjoy the outdoors since there are so many exciting things to do. However, age-related issues may make the elderly more prone to heat exhaustion, sunburn, and other summertime issues, so they have special needs. When planning your loved one's summer activities, keep these things in mind to make sure they're safe and comfortable.

How to Help Senior Loved Ones Stay Safe This Summer

The summertime is the ideal time of year to participate in activities that take place outside because of the lovely weather. That being said, there is nothing more essential than ensuring the well-being and safety of your senior loved one. Make sure your elderly loved one is safe and sound this summer with the help of the experts at Senior Home Care by Angels.

  • Recognize the signs of heat exhaustion - Knowing the signs of heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat syncope will help you take the necessary steps to assist an elderly loved one. Common signs of heat exhaustion include feelings of nausea and fatigue, heavy sweating, headache, dizziness, low blood pressure when standing, cool moist skin, a weak and rapid pulse, and muscle cramps. Do not be bashful about requesting water, shade, or a cozy seat if you are concerned about the well-being of a loved one. By adopting preventative measures, it is preferable to completely avoid visiting the emergency department.
  • Check the forecast regularly - During the hot summer months, the elderly shouldn't do anything physically demanding outside. One way to avoid heat syncope and other heat-related illnesses is to stay cool and relax when the weather becomes hot. Establish a routine of regularly checking the local weather forecast. Remind a loved one to stay indoors if you anticipate high temperatures. The elderly should stay inside, where it is safer and cooler, to escape the heat. If your loved one wants to remain inside all day and you're worried about their core temperature, you might offer to help with typical household tasks like cooking, folding clothes, and cleaning. Although using air conditioners and fans to cool down is a terrific idea, be careful not to leave extension cords laying about; someone may trip and fall over them.
  • Be mindful of time spent outside - Before taking an older loved one outside this summer, be sure they know how to stay safe. Older people are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of sunburn from prolonged exposure, regardless of the time it takes for the sun to reach the skin. For the sake of their skin, your older loved one should avoid being outdoors for long periods of time. On really bright days, seniors shouldn't spend more than two hours outside. Applying sunscreen is essential no matter the weather if your loved one intends to spend a significant amount of time outside. They should have a bottle of sunscreen in their vehicle or some other easily accessible place. Stay vigilant and remind your loved one to reapply sunscreen if you plan on being around them for an extended period of time. They could also benefit from setting a phone alarm to remind them to reapply sunscreen, particularly if they're going to be spending the day alone.
  • Stay hydrated - In order to ensure that your loved one is hydrated during the summer, ask them to consume juice, sports drinks, or water on a daily basis. Older individuals shouldn't rely on their body to tell them when they need to drink water; that ability may deteriorate with age. Your loved one needs more fluids than the suggested 6-8 glasses of water per day to avoid dehydration if they plan on spending a lot of time outdoors in the heat. In order to remain hydrated, they should also carry along a couple of little water bottles and ensure that they drink them all before returning home.
  • Be aware of medication side effects - An older person may be more susceptible to the adverse effects of extended exposure to sunlight if they are taking certain medications. While it is still absolutely safe to participate in outdoor activities during the summer with an elderly loved one, you should still take additional steps to ensure their safety. In the event that any of their medicines need them to stay out of the sun, always make sure to keep them inside until it is safe to go outdoors.

How Professional Home Care from Senior Home Care by Angels Can Help Your Loved One Stay Safe This Summer

The expert caregivers at Senior Home Care by Angels have extensive training in delivering personalized care for the elderly. In order to keep your loved one cool in the summer, we can help with light housekeeping and errands. Additionally, we will monitor your loved one's vitals and respond promptly if we observe any heat-related medication side effects, signs of heat exhaustion, or anything else that needs immediate attention. With our individualized in-home care services, we take into account the unique requirements of each client. Rest assured that your loved one will get the necessary assistance to keep cool, comfortable, safe, and cared for during the summer months.

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