Essential Adaptive Devices for Elderly Stroke Survivors

If your parent has suffered a stroke, their mobility, speech or cognitive functions might be impaired. After hospitalization, you will need to ensure that your loved one will return to a safe environment where they can continue living independently. Although hiring home care providers from Senior Home Care by Angels is a great solution, sometimes it just isn’t enough to ensure your senior’s well-being.

Fortunately, these days stroke survivors have many adaptive devices at their disposal that can help them age in place while staying safe.

Locomotion Aids

Strokes often causes mobility issues. While some survivors have difficulty with walking, others are left partially or fully paralyzed. If getting around the house or going outside represents a challenge for your loved one, getting them a cane or a walker can help them move around safely. In case your parent has developed paralysis on one side of the body, a wheelchair or a scooter can be extremely helpful with getting around.

Communication Aids

If your loved one has difficulties with speaking after suffering a stroke, there are certain devices that can help them communicate with their home care providers, friends and family.

An ordinary whiteboard might be the simplest solution. However, if your loved one is also dealing with paralysis, they can use a voice output communication aid which can be operated with one finger.

Bedroom and Bathroom Aids

For many stroke survivors, most ordinary daily tasks represent a challenge. Luckily there are many devices that can help your parent get out of bed, take a shower, or use the toilet in an easy and safe way.

If your loved one finds getting out of bed difficult, bed rails can make a huge difference. In addition, leg lifters are also helpful if a senior has a weak or paralyzed leg.  With simple devices such as button hooks and shoehorns your loved one can get dressed on their own in spite of mobility issues.

In order to make bathing and toileting easy and safe for your parent, our home care providers recommend installing raised toilet seats, grab bars and safety rails, placing anti-slip mats and shower chairs in their bathroom and getting them long-handled brushes and wash gloves.

Kitchen Aids

Everyday activities such as preparing a meal can become a challenge after a stroke. A Swedish one-handed cutting board can allow your loved one to slice food easier, while grabber tools can help them fetch groceries from the fridge. If your loved one’s vision has been impaired, consider getting them brightly colored plates.

Aside from hiring our home care providers, investing in adaptive devices is a great way to ensure that your loved one feels safe and comfortable in their home after surviving a stroke.  Every senior wants to age in place, and these changes will allow your parent to do so.

Contact your local Senior Home Care by Angels Office to learn more about how we can help your loved one recover from a stroke in their own home.

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